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Impeccable Table Manners

Sam and Rebecca

What happened on the date I include Sam’s answer to the awkward moments question here because it shows the “impeccable” stock reply up for what it really is. props to Rebecca for very likely early on seeing this date was going to be a disaster and decided to at least make it memorable. Pro-tip: Carry a picture of your puke with you wherever you go – just in case. And, yes, Rebecca sounds a “bit much” but we’ve all been there – nerves on a date makes you do the...
Impeccable Table Manners

Jane and Crudgie

What happened on the date I’d love to know on what order the questions are asked. I like to think the table manners query comes toward the end of the interview, once all the bile has been expelled. It’s the only reason I can find for such incredible politeness over a date which, when you read the whole thing, sounds as much fun as having your balls waxed. Photograph: James Turner; Frantzesco Kangaris, both for the Guardian...
Impeccable Table Manners

Laurie and Sophie

What happened on the date OK, so this is more than table manners, but I had to put the “awkward moments” in because the “table manners” responses were practically a double-impeccable. I can’t even imagine why the waiter thought it was appropriate to butt into the date, but it doesn’t seem to have put them off. I do hope they didn’t tip. Sophie signs off with a “Sure, why not?” – sexy! – while Laurie is more cool, insisting it’ll be nothing more than a “friendly drink”....
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