Cover of The Magnificent Sons

The Magnificent Sons

My second novel is called THE MAGNIFICENT SONS. It is very good.

Here is the paperback cover:

Magnificent Sons paperback cover final

Here I am doing a reading from the hardback edition on Instagram Live:

Here is the official blurb:

“Two brothers. Two different journeys. The same hope of a magnificent future.

Jake D’Arcy has spent most of his twenty-nine years trying to get his life just right. He’s nearly there: great girlfriend, great friends, stable job. A distant relationship with his boisterous family – which is exactly the way he wants it. So why does everything feel so wrong?

When his popular, irritatingly confident teenage brother Trick comes out as gay to a rapturous response, Jake realises he has questions about his own repressed bisexuality, and that he can’t wait any longer to find his answers.

As Trick begins to struggle with navigating the murky waters of adult relationships, Jake begins a journey that will destroy his relationship with girlfriend Amelia, challenge his closest friendships, and force him to face up to the distance between him and his family – but offers new friends, fewer inhibitions, and a glimpse of the magnificent life he never thought could be his.

The Magnificent Sons tells the tale of two very different brothers, searching for the life they want – and for the person they want to be. Fans of The Last Romeo will delight in the same wicked sense of humour, for this timely coming-of-age story is as wise as it is witty and as sharply observed as it is deeply moving.”

As for getting your hands on it, you can buy it from your fave booksellers, including:


The Magnificent Sons was one of Apple’s Best of the Month for June 2020!

Or you can head to your nearest bookshop and order it there. Every little helps.

If you want to hear a bit of the book, here I am doing a reading for Twitter’s #ReadTheRainbow – I do hand movements and lots of eye rolling and everything.

Here I am having look at an advance copy of the book – with a temporary cover as you can see – in a VIDEO which has subtitles and everything.

THE MAGNIFICENT SONS is out now in paperback, ebook and audiobook.


  1. A question sir – in terms of return to author, does it matter from which purveyor of books I procure? There is a marked difference in price points and my free shipping benefits from the evil American is tempting… but I don’t want to take from the mouths of starving artists who provide such Saturday morning joy.

    1. Hello! Just buy it from wherever you like – it makes little difference financially. I would say that a trip to a bookshop if you’re able might be more fun for you.

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