Sometimes I am interviewed or people talk about me and my work (not including all the times people do this behind my back, over lurid cocktails) so this is where you can find a small selection of where I appear in the media, and on podcasts and stuff. It’s fun! I am fun! Yes.


Q&A with Tandem Collective, April 2022

To celebrate the release of THE FAKE-UP, I did an author Q&A and talked about all things book, plus how to deal with reviews, celebrity culture, how we’re all faking it really, and the true meaning of THE FAKE-UP.

Write and Wrong podcast, April 2022

I spoke to Jamie from the brilliant Write and Wrong about my journey so far, from writing stuff nobody cared about, to blogging (which people cared about a little bit more) to novelising! Coming right up to date with THE FAKE-UP.

Follow Friday podcast, April 2022

I loved being a guest on Follow Friday, the podcast where you nominate your top five social media follows. See why I chose @daytimesnaps, Mollie Goodfellow, R Eric Thomas, Annie Lord, and Dame Joan Collins as my unmissable quintet.


Queerly Radio, April 2022

To mark the publication of THE FAKE-UP, I was a guest on Queerly Radio talking about my books, other gay stuff, and all sorts of nonsense.

Life in Food, April 2022

Fellow authorand food writer  Laura Price has a new podcast looking at food through a different lens each episode. My turn was a look at food and dating, where we chatted about the rights and wrongs of eating on dates, but also the gentrification of working-class food, Yorkshire puddings, and why onions are a first date no-no.


Little Book Café, July 2020

. Includes a pic of me holding a cat. What more could you ask for?

BBC Radio Scotland, Mornings with Kaye Adams, 8 January 2020

I took part in a segment on ghosting, where I had to argue that it was… actually okay to ghost someone. It is! Listen from 2:17:40 to hear me be disconcertingly charming (kind of), mildly amusing and taking part in a role-play that sees me heartlessly DUMPED.

Listen now

BBC Radio 4, Saturday Live, 14 December 2019

I was a guest on Radio 4’s weekend morning show talking about dating etc, alongside comedian Jason Manford, knitting historian Esther Rutter, and archaeologist Lara Band, who makes amazing diorama recreating famous paintings with mummified rodents – seriously much cooler than it sounds. I’m on throughout, but my main bit starts after the first hour.

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Guardian Weekend, 31 August 2019

I appeared on the cover (!) of the Guardian’s Saturday supplement Weekend, with Blind Date column matchmaker Nina, and wrote a , with which I talked about my allegedly popular review blog Impeccable Table Manners.

Vuelio Top 10 LGBT+ blogs in the UK, July 2019

The Guyliner was ranked top of Vuelio’s rundown of Best LGBT+ blogs in the UK for the second year running, which was very exciting.

Show This Thread, June 2019

I was a guest on Rob Gillett’s fun podcast, which goes behind the scenes with various Twitter users to find out what makes them tick. Listen now

The Breakup Monologues, February 2019

I appeared on Rosie Wilby’s live podcast The Breakup Monologues alongside Charlie Dinkin. Listen now

Radio Diva, February 2019

I appeared on Heather Peace and Rosie Wilby’s radio show, alongside comedian Rosie Jones and Cassie and Sadie from the Cocoa Butter Club and it was terrific fun. Listen now.

BBC Radio 4, September 2018

I appeared in The New Age of Consent, talking to Jameela Jamil about consent in the digital age and post-#MeToo dating.

Candid Magazine, September 2018

I spoke to Ross Pollard about my writing, giving up anonymity, and staying out too late at the Vauxhall Tavern.

Read full interview

The Queerness, September 2018

I talked to Hadley Stewart for The Queerness about The Last Romeo, being an LGBTQ writer, and whether we really need straight allies.

Ctrl Alt Delete podcast, August 2018

I was delighted to appear on Ctrl Alt Delete, a podcast by the very lovely and incredibly talented and successful Emma Gannon. We talked about The Last Romeo, ageing, and grappling with anonymity on the internet.


Vuelio Top 10 LGBT blogs in the UK, July 2018

After a few years lurking in the Top 10, The Guyliner blog was ranked #1 on Vuelio’s list of most influential/interesting/whatever LGBT+ blogs – which is obviously very exciting!

Appearance at the Riff Raff community event for debut authors and aspiring authors, June 2018.

The evening, featuring an amazing lineup of Sharlene Teo, Paul Howarth, Rachel Edwards, Sophie Mackintosh (and me, sadly) was recorded for another edition of the podcast and it’s well worth a listen. All of it is great, but if you want to get to my bit it’s 25:33 in. I talk about the road to getting published, read a different part of The Last Romeo, answer questions from the audience, and strenuously deny a sexual liaison with an Olympic athlete.

Interview with The Riff Raff, May 2018

I talked about my influences and Donna Summer. What more do you need?

The Riff Raff Podcast #32

Interview about how I got my book deal and a reading from the first chapter of The Last Romeo.

Unexpected Fluids

Guest spot on a podcast (not for the faint-hearted) on all things pubic hair (!) with the very lovely Alix Fox and Riyadh Khalaf. ❤

BBC 5 Live, April 2018

On the Royal Wedding and best man’s speeches in general.

Daily Mirror, April 2018

The Daily Edge, April 2018

Interview with Vuelio, July 2017


Main image: Dominic Ibbotson