The cover of The fake-Up on a pink background

The Fake-Up

I am delighted to announce that my third novel THE FAKE-UP is coming, available in hardback on 7 April 2022. You may have already noticed the cover in the header image there, but in case you want a closer look, here it is hella big:

The Fake-UP cover, featuring a spearmint background, with the title in large white caps, and my name in pink script. Illustration is some petrol station flowers

It’s a rom-com with bark AND bite, and has something to say about the sacrifices we make for love, friendship, nepotism, imposter syndrome and whether we can ever truly escape the life we’re born into – and should we try? It’s great and I’m very proud.

Here I am taking a look at the proofs. There are auto generated subtitles available on this video.

Here’s the official synopsis:


Dylan and Flo are in love. The only trouble is, they broke up months ago and everyone was delighted for them.

At first, it’s exciting sneaking around, hiding from disapproving friends, climbing through bedroom windows to avoid family, and concocting hilarious disguises. It’s like Romeo and Juliet. With more sex and less poison.

But soon it becomes harder to separate truth from lies. Dylan and Flo are in way over their heads, and the games have only just begun…

Preorders mean everything and can really drive a book’s success. if you have loved anything I’ve done over the last forever, please consider dropping me a wee preorder wherever you like to get your books.

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