The cover of The Fake-Up

The Fake-Up

I am delighted to announce that my third novel THE FAKE-UP is out now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook – you might also be able to lay your hands on a hardback. Here’s the cover:

The paperback version of The Fake-Up, featuring an illustration of a swimming pool – one characters is lazing on an inflatable watermelon in the pool covering her face with a hat, and the other is lying on a towel pretending to read a book (which is the wrong way up)

It’s a rom-com with bark AND bite, and has something to say about the sacrifices we make for love, friendship, nepotism, imposter syndrome and whether we can ever truly escape the life we’re born into – and should we try? It’s great and I’m very proud.

Here I am doing a little author Q&A, talking about my influences when writing the book, and some of its wider themes, and I also do a semi-cute reading, IN AN ACCENT (my own accent):

Here I am taking a look at the final hardback copies. If you watch this on Instagram, there should be† auto generated subtitles available on this video. (If that doesn’t work, check out this version on YouTube with auto subtitles.

Here’s the official synopsis:


Dylan and Flo are exes for a reason. It seems like everyone in the world knows why they broke up, and everyone picked a side.

But despite what Dylan tells the tabloids or the heartbreaking lyrics in Flo’s songs, the star-crossed lovers are still very much together. And if they don’t keep the relationship a secret, their newfound fame might disappear altogether.

So they attend splashy award shows with other people. They meet in ridiculous disguises. He clambers through her bedroom window to avoid cameras.

But Dylan and Flo are in way over their heads, and the games have only just begun . . .

If you have loved anything I’ve done over the last forever, please consider dropping me a wee purchase wherever you like to get your books.


  1. Just finished this and wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed your writing online for years. I really liked how you portrayed the characters as flawed but still lovable– Dylan’s vanity, Flo’s ignorance. and it had maybe the beat last page I have read in a long long time. Thanks for sharing this book with the world, I requested it from the library and was so happy that they bought it!

  2. I’ve finished it today, and the ending made me laughing. I love your style, and it’s a pleasure to dive into a long, long text (and to look some words up in the dictionary–not a native speaker, so maybe it’s not surprising, but I am very grateful for the opportunity).
    It feels like a very English novel but the social commentary is amusing even if you are from some other country as I am. I even discussed a couple of things with some friends. For example I know quite a lot of people with what may be called working class background but who had private music lessons, had their own piano, and whose parents owned a summer cottage. It all didn’t look as fancy as it sounds now,
    Thank you so much, and I look forward to reading your first and second books (already bought on kindle).

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