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Is it ever okay to abandon a book?

My latest piece for The Irish Times talks about the guilt that keeps you from giving up on a book, and how it can be liberating to free yourself from something you’re not enjoying.

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  1. Great article. However, I always have to finish a book if I start it, no matter how crap it is. Maybe I’m an optimist! Love your writing.

  2. I used to always read to the end even if I hated a book but this year I have stopped reading certain books because frankly I didn’t care about the story and I didn’t want to waste my time reading. Yes there is guilt when I do this but then there is that lovely feeling when you start a new book and if you fall in love with that book then it was worth it. It is just like a relationship sometimes you need to take a chance on a book and if it isn’t working it is better to part ways. Sometimes I do back to a book I gave up on and it works but not always.

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