Impeccable Table Manners

Tom and Willow


What did you talk about?
Older men, Jerry Springer, how we view our careers, the Guyliner’s blog.

Eliz Taylor glasses

The Guyliner is away.

Main photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian. Read the date

Note: Impeccable will be back in September. I have a new mailout, The Truth About Everything* – if you’d like the next one, you can sign up here.

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  1. YOU ARE AWAY for getting namechecked by a teetotal vegan. They held on to this one until you left the room.

  2. What a refreshingly straightforward pair! And such a great first answer to q2, before it all went clinically to pot.

    I can’t help wondering whether, underneath the patina of a few years of experience, these older men are actually as interesting as Tom. But perhaps that’s just a generic fairy-tale narrative intruding?

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