Lucas and Lucía
Photograph: David Levene/The Guardian
Impeccable Table Manners

Lucas and Lucía

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(Sorry, I have a lot on at the moment and there truly is nothing else to say. If you don’t believe me, .)

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About the review and the daters: The comments I make are based on answers given by participants. The Guardian chooses what to publish and usually edits answers to make the column work better on the page. Most things I say are riffing on the answers given and not judgements about the daters themselves, they seem very nice, so please be kind to them in comments, replies, and generally on social media. I will not approve nasty below-the-line comments. If you reply to my tweets about the date, please don’t embarrass yourself. Daters are under no obligation to get along for our benefit, or explain why they do, or don’t, want to see each other again, so please try not to speculate. If you’re one of the daters, get in touch if you want to give me your side of the story. Equanimous. Okay. Cool.

Lucas and Lucía ate at The Botanist Sloane Square x Casamigos, London SW1.

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  1. That was SO wishy-washy, that I felt insulted as part of the Guardian readers and yours – what a waste of an opportunity. Your full review was absolutely spot on.
    I shall now go to the kitchen, where I’m gonna have a 3rd espresso and a slice of ‘something really good’ to give that event some taste. 😉
    Ta, gr8 short story on your side.

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