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I’ve written four novels so far, with a fifth due in 2025.

My first book deal, in 2017, was with Little, Brown and produced two novels, comedies (more or less): The Last Romeo (2018), and The Magnificent Sons (2020).

In 2021, I collaborated with Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing on his fun memoir I Can Explain. It’s good!

My second book deal was once again with Little, Brown. The first of two further novels, The Fake-Up, came out April 2022. Next, in May 2024, came Leading Man, an absolute banger of a dark, messy comedy.

For my fifth novel I have moved to Dialogue Books and The Glorious Dead arrives September 2025.

You can find my books wherever you prefer to buy them. I’m not fussy, so long as you buy them!

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Leading Man

The cover of LEADING MAN which features the main character dressed in a coat and scarf and holding a briefcase and a book. Plus the caption "Dependable sidekick or romantic hero. Who will Leo choose to be?"

“Leo is a thirty-something drama teacher in Edinburgh who’s content to be in the background, letting his, louder, more charismatic best friends shine.

But, suddenly, he is forced to step into the role of leading man. A handsome love interest steps out of the wings, Leo’s pushed to his limits by his overenthusiastic new boss and – strangest of all – he begins to question whether the friends he loves so dearly have been holding him back.

If he’s to get everything he’s ever wanted, Leo will need to face his past, and the future, head on. But he might not like everything he sees.”


The Fake-Up

Cover of the my book The Fake-Up showing two illustrated characters lying by a pool, and the coverline 'The world thinks they're single. But they're living double lives'



Dylan and Flo are in love. The only trouble is, they broke up months ago and everyone was delighted for them.

At first, it’s exciting sneaking around, hiding from disapproving friends, climbing through bedroom windows to avoid family, and concocting hilarious disguises. It’s like Romeo and Juliet. With more sex and less poison.

But soon it becomes harder to separate truth from lies. Dylan and Flo are in way over their heads, and the games have only just begun . . .

It’s out now in paperback, audiobook, and ebook. (The audiobook is really terrific and once more read by the very talented Joe Jameson.)


The Magnificent Sons

At 29, Jake D’Arcy has finally got his life just right. Job with prospects: check. Steady girlfriend: check. Keeping his exhausting, boisterous family at bay: check. So why isn’t he happier?

When his confident, much-adored younger brother Trick comes out as gay to a rapturous response, Jake realises he has questions about his own repressed bisexuality, and that he can’t wait any longer to find his answers.

As Trick begins to struggle with navigating the murky waters of adult relationships, Jake must confront himself and those closest to him. He’s beginning to believe his own life could be magnificent, if he can be brave enough to make it happen . . .

Lovely. It’s very good, I promise. And here is the cover:


The Last Romeo

James is 34 and fed up. His six-year relationship with Adam has imploded, he hates his job making up celebrity gossip, and his best friend Bella has just announced she’s moving to Russia.

Adrift and single in loved-up London, James needs to break out of his lonely, drunken comfort zone. Encouraged by Bella, he throws himself headlong into online dating, blogging each encounter anonymously as the mysterious Romeo.

After meeting a succession of hot/weird/gross men, James has fans and the validation he’s always craved. But when his wild night with a closeted Olympian goes viral and sends his Twitter-fame through the roof, James realises maybe, in the search for happy-ever-after, some things are better left un-shared. Seriously, wherefore art thou Romeo

You can find the UK editions on Amazon at  or WHSmithWaterstones, Foyles, Hive, or Book Depository and all that kind of thing. It is also available in independent bookshops, so do seek it out.

Here’s the cover:

Header image by Alan Compton