30 things that always happen during Wimbledon

Wimbledon fortnight starts Monday, one of the Top 10 shrillest sporting events on the face of the Earth. Despite the fact it is a magnet for braying upper middle-class Aga enthusiasts and certified poshoes who think even the Queen is too common for the Royal enclosure, I love Wimbledon. It’s really easy to watch – just the right ratio of dullness to nail biting tension. Plus tennis players are much more bangable than football players. My 'love affair' with Wimbledon properly began as I waited to start my second year...
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31 things you will see people do on dating apps

Dating apps, whether they're for long-lasting love or a three-minute hook-up you can brag to your friends about, have revolutionised our love and sex lives. But even with tec so new and exciting, we're still a habit-forming animal – we can't resist becoming a cliché. So here are a few things you will almost certainly see on hook-up or dating apps. Swipe. Left. 1. A guy who does the same facial expression in every photo. It's usually a lop-sided grin or a grimace or that wide-open scream face that Caitlin...