You know when people who aren’t famous or popular enough to have advanced features on Instagram say things like, “link in bio”? This is like that. Here are those links!


Buy the paperback of THE MAGNIFICENT SONS, out now
What I wear to feel good – Guardian Saturday</strong><strong>
Is it time to reassess your relationship with alcohol?
Discontinued: A story of love and loss
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Guardian Blind Date review: ‘Confessions of a European sales director’
Acting is just acting – until it isn’t. The great gay casting conundrumRussell T Davies’ AIDS drama It’s a Sin proves everything has changed, yet nothing has changed – The i
NEW BOOK DEAL! Two more novels coming, first is out 2022
Nolo drinks: alternatives when you can’t drink booze
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#SignForOurBookshops campaign
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Guardian Blind Date review: ‘Did you forget to stir this tea or just forget to put sugar in?’

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Twitter #ReadTheRainbow livestream: a reading, allyship chart, book recs, lots of gurning
Playlists: The music behind The Magnificent Sons
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Author Q&A on THE MAGNIFICENT SONS with Little Book Café