Sign for our bookshops bookplate design
Artwork: Chris Riddell


The #SignForOurBookshops campaign is now over. Thank you to everyone who took part and to Holly Bourne for organising such a wonderful initiative.

Let’s help UK bookshops survive lockdown!

You may already be aware that the marvellous Holly Bourne has come up with an ingenious way to help UK bookshops during this second lockdown – the #SignForOurBookshops campaign. And I’m delighted to be involved!

Here’s what it’s all about: #SignForOurBookshops is a national show of support from UK authors, urging people to keep buying through bookshops by offering exclusive signed bookplates to stores and customers. Over 200 authors are taking part so far, including Matt Haig, Dolly Alderton, Malorie Blackman, Michael Rosen, David Nicholls and so many more. 

How it works

If you buy one (or both) of my books from a UK bookshop – either an indie or a high street retailer – I will send you a signed, personalised bookplate. What’s a bookplate? Well, it’s like a label you put in the front of your copy which makes it all very personal – just like having a signed copy, except that my marker won’t have gone through the page and damage the page behind it. How wonderful! The special #SignForOurBookshops bookplates have been designed by former Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell, and they are glorious. Look:

SignForOurBookshops bookplate art

How do you get one?

All you have to do is send me proof of purchase of the book/s, your name and address where you want me to send the bookplate, and, if you like, the name you would like it dedicated to, and anything you’d like me to say – within reason, of course. Space is limited and I’d rather not have to write obscenities or bizarre propaganda; I will definitely not say anything favourable about negronis. Email your receipts etc to justinmyersauthor[at]gmail[dot]com. Please no spam, nudes, or press releases about dating apps or anything else.

What’s the catch? Yeah, there are some rules. Sorry.

– This only applies to books bought between 5th November and 2nd December – the proposed length of Lockdown II: The Revenge.
– I can only post to UK addresses
– You might need some Pritt Stick to stick the bookplates in the book yourself – my printer is a bit ‘funny’ with sticky labels. By which I mean, it goes nuts and starts eating them.
– There is no charge for this service!
– I promise to send them out before Christmas
– I will keep an eye on it and if, like a MILLION people buy the book then thank you but obviously they might be a bit hard for me to keep up with so I may introduce a limit but if I do I will give you plenty of notice.
– Only purchases from UK high street or independent bookshops count

Find a bookshop

Here’s how to find a bookshop that’s running during lockdown:

A huge thank you to Holly Bourne for organising this campaign, and to YOU the readers, for buying and reading our books and supporting bookshops.

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