The Magnificent Sons release date

My second novel THE MAGNIFICENT SONS is out now on ebook!

Because of the pandemic, changes in how booksellers and wholesalers are operating mean there’s been a shift in the publication date. Hardback now has a publication date of 6 August. This is to make sure it can get into as many retailers as possible. Ebook is out now, though!

You can preorder it now from your preferred retailer, using one of the links below.

Bert’s Books
Book Depository
WH Smith
Apple Books

The Magnificent Sons is one of Apple’s Best of the Month for June 2020!
They say:

“Written with all the wit characteristic of his blog The Guyliner, we instantly fell for the British journalist’s moving and life-affirming second novel. Here, we follow Jake, a 29-year-old who – after years of struggling with internalised homophobia – accents his repressed bisexuality, breaks up with his long-term girlfriend and throws himself into London’s LGBTQ+ scene. Jake’s journey to self-acceptance is full of hilarious mishaps and heartwarming displays of friendship. Above all, though, this is a story about family – and the depiction of Jake slowly resolving the tension with his teenage brother Trick may just move you to tears. With a bustling cast of relatable characters, sharp one-liners, and an uplifting storyline, The Magnificent Sons has a lot to love.”

If you’re a bookseller and would like to see your link here, please let me know.

See the full synopsis of THE MAGNIFICENT SONS

Preordering makes a huge difference to authors and a book’s success, as it can signify demand for the book and informs things like book charts, position in store, reviews, everything. Everything.