The Magnificent Sons release date

My second novel THE MAGNIFICENT SONS is out soon!

Because of the pandemic, changes in how booksellers and wholesalers are operating mean there’s been a shift in the publication date. Ebook and audiobook are still coming out as planned, on 28 May, but the hardback now has a publication date of 6 August. This is to make sure it can get into as many retailers as possible.

You can preorder it now from your preferred retailer, using one of the links below.

Bert’s Books
Book Depository
WH Smith

If you’re a bookseller and would like to see your link here, please let me know.

See the full synopsis of THE MAGNIFICENT SONS

Preordering makes a huge difference to authors and a book’s success, as it can signify demand for the book and informs things like book charts, position in store, reviews, everything. Everything.

I think you’re going to like this one.