Bad dates

The Right Peter

Stats: 30, 6’0”, blond/blue, London Where: East Dulwich, SE22 When: Summer 2o11 Pre-date rating: 8/10 I’m a big believer in putting things right if I can. If I’m in a supermarket and knock something over, I’ll quickly pick it up and place it back on the shelf. Should I underpay (or overpay) for something, I’ll endeavour to fix it so that nobody’s out of pocket. I like everything just-so. My date with this guy, then, simply had to happen whether I wanted it to or not, so I could make...
Good dates

The Banker

Stats: 5'8", 38, greying/blue, Essex When: July 2011 Where: Pimlico, SW1 Pre-date rating: 6/10 So we're on another summer of "yes", it would seem. My iPhone calendar heaves with dates and I'm looking as ravaged as only one can when one has been necking beers in a variety of pubs with a slew of strangers. As a result of my packed schedule, which I pore over with all the enthusiasm of a dead cat, it is a few weeks between arranging a date with The Guy and actually going on...
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