Impeccable Table Manners

Gavin and Aimee


As anyone who found their eyes boring into yet another fuzzy closeup of an engagement ring on social media will tell you, Christmas is second only to Valentine’s Day when it comes to off-the-peg, “Oh I do hope everyone’s looking” romance.

There must be something about the festive season – all gorging on tins of Roses and waiting in for Amazon deliveries for what seems like the whole of December – that makes us go gooey-eyed and decide we shouldn’t be alone anymore.

But just as it is a time of togetherness and hearts and flowers, so too can the strain of a turkey’s least favourite day of the year destroy your relationship. The wrong gift, too many drinks, flirtations with a distant relative, bad memories of festive periods past – they can all turn the most wonderful time of the year into your very own personal EastEnders.

But now it’s “all over for another year” and all that remains is Boxing Day, a stack of packaging to organise for the recycling, mild hangovers, repeats of Dad’s Army and – amid the turkey curry belches – a Guardian Blind Date.


Read what happened between Gavin, 37, and entrepreneur and 30-year-old Aimee, a PA. I’ll be back on the other side with – as it’s a reduced service today, just like the buses – reaction shots ONLY.

Gavin is up first:

gavin hoping


aimee hoping for


aimee first imp


gavin talk about


aimee talk about


gavin awkward


aimee awkward


gavin table


aimee table


gavin best thing

aimee best thing


gavin three words


aimee friends


aimee made of you


gavin somewhere


aimee somewhere

635691215460981526-1023156569_no one is going to believe you

gavin kiss

aimee kiss


gavin change


aimee change


gavin score


aimee score

gavin meet again


aimee meet again

Note: All the comments I make are based on the answers the Guardian chooses to publish, which may have been changed by a journalist to make for better copy. The participants in the date are aware this may happen, I assume, and know these answers will appear in the public arena.  I am sure, in real life, they are cool people. I am critiquing the answers, not the people themselves. If you are the couple in this date, please do not take this personally.  If you want to give your side of the story, get in touch and I will happily publish any rebuttal. 

Photograph: Frantzesco Kangaris; James Drew Turner, both for the Guardian

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