In Gay Times

For those of you wanting a more permanent record of my scribblings, or just something you want to hold in your hands, you can usually find me in the pages of GT (Gay Times) Magazine.

I also have an online advice page, attempting to help with readers’ relationship or dating dilemmas. Seriously.

Find previous articles on the GT website.

If you have a dilemma you would like my help with, please email me on theguyliner[at]gmail[dot]com or advice[at] (mark it for The Guyliner or it will go somewhere else). Or you can fill in the form on this page. I can’t answer every email individually – though sometimes I might – and your dilemma may be edited for the column. I take this quite seriously, you know; I’m not just going to laugh at your problem and then write a reply that makes me look funny but makes you feel stupid.

GT is  ‘out’ once a month and you can even buy it for your iPad if carrying home a copy from the newsagent isn’t really your thing. Go get it at

See the Gay Times website for details on when the next edition is due.

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