I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to do events and programmes and all kinds of stuff, both as part of the promotion for my books and also just because I love meeting readers and talking about things (myself).

I do lots of radio, too, so if you’d like me to come on your show and do something, let me know.

This is what is booked in so far – this will be updated regularly as The Fake-Up promotion continues but I will tweet out any changes. Cannot wait to meet you all!


Thursday 6th: Henley Literary Festival

The coverts of The Fake-Up, Mike Gayle's Museum of Ordinary People, and Clare Pooley's The People on Platform 5

I am delighted to be making my third appearance at the wonderful Henley Literary Festival, which is always such fun and has some beautiful venues. I’ll be teaming up with absolute legend Mike Gayle and New York Times bestseller Clare Pooley for Book Club Thursday on the Gower Cottage Brownies Stage at the Town Hall at 8pm. That sounds like quite a big venue, doesn’t it? No pressure! I can’t wait. You can join us online, or book tickets to see us in person. Look forward to meeting you!



Saturday 8th: Borderlines Festival, Carlisle

Borderlines book festival logo

I’m really excited to be coming to Carlisle’s book festival Borderlines for the very first time to talk about my work, and my life, and my books, and whether Rachel actually got knocked out when Milly punched her at the end of This Life. It’s my first solo event since the pandemic so I’m quietly terrified but it will be lots of fun as I’m a bit more interesting when I’m nervous. Join me at Tullie House on Saturday 8th at 5pm!


Main photograph: Dominic Ibbotson