I don’t blog my dates in order for a variety of reasons, but if you want to see what happened and when, they’re listed below in chronological order.

Remember, there may still be some dates to be slotted in between existing ones. It’s a *bit* like those ‘choose your own adventure’ books; you never quite know where the next post is going to take you. Well, I do. Home alone, usually. Thankfully.

The Cherry Popper
The Mexican
The Drunk
The Newbie
The Quizmaster
The Lawyer
The Mogul
The Tortured Soul
The Parent Trap
The Youngling
The Show-off
The Politico
The Saint
The Drama Teacher
The Invisible Man
The Drunk Mexican
The Colombian in the Bath
The Colombian Gets Out of the Bath
The Backpacker
The Keen Bean
The Muse
The Drunken Hack
The Dish from Damascus
The Luvvie
The Northerner
The Great Potential
The Latecomer
The Iceman Skateth
The Christmas Fling
The Bittersweet Goodbye
The Producer
The Wrong Peter
The Brat
The Culture Vulture
The Wow Moment
The Anti Type
The Composer
The Right Peter
The Beauty and the Beef
The Hot Mess
The Better Offer
The Flat Cap
The Vision of Beauty
The Hold-Out
The Aspidistra
The Banker
The Marrying Kind
The Male Nanny
The Dark Mirror
The Social Mountaineer
The Thriller
The Graduate
The Associate
The Edamame Embarrassment
The Reluctant Mean Girl
The Pedal Pusher
The Lollipop
The Stranger on the Train
The Raincheck
The Plus One
The Boyfriend
The Boy on the Beach
The Ex at Stage Left
The Also-Ran
The Time Thief
The Idolator
The Straight-talker
The Late Great
The Late Great Letdown
The Sculptor
The Selfie
The Last First Date

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