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I am obsessed by the Guardian’s incredible Blind Date column, which runs every Saturday in the Weekend magazine and sets up two hapless romantics with a fancy dinner and an awkward silence and hopes they’ll find love. I pretend I loathe it but obviously I love it. Don’t you? Don’t you? Why ever not?

Anyway, for reasons nobody can quite understand, since 2014 I have reviewed the answers the participants give, and blog my findings for your delectation most Saturday mornings, unless I’m having the day off, which is RARE.

You can find it at theguyliner.com/category/impeccable

Originally it was based only on the table manners question, hence the blog’s name, but I’ve expanded it and now vinegar seeps into every corner, and every answer.

I’m in the Guardian Blind Date column and I’m upset by what you’ve said about me

Oh. That’s a shame. My review is based on the answers you actually give. I understand sometimes the answers are given a light zhuzh by the Guardian, but I guess you must know that too.

I’m not here to make anyone cry – and it really isn’t personal – so if you want to write a rebuttal, I’m more than happy to publish it. You can get in touch with me here.

Please don’t bother using this opportunity telling me what a piece of junk I am – you’re not telling me anything new.

Who are you?

I’m a man who writes under the name of The Guyliner, and usually I write a blog called, appropriately enough, The Guyliner. Why not give it a read?

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