Guardian Blind Date review: Jahangir and David

My reviews of the Guardian’s hapless romantics return with a treat. Gay men who bang on about Corbyn, Brexit, and incur the wrath of London’s waiting staff.

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3 thoughts on “Guardian Blind Date review: Jahangir and David”

  1. If someone ever describes me with a first impression as “articulate” I will know that I have to do more at the gym/put on better clothes/flirt more with my eyes. Seriously, I’m hoping he takes a peak at my arse or likes my twinkly eyes …. ANYTHING!!! But not articulate. What is wrong with Guardian readers? Do they never think someone is hot or sexy?

      1. Well, “articulate” is a quality more conspicuous in its absence than its presence. To be well-spoken and to speak clearly is a given in my book … otherwise I wouldn’t have gone on a date with them. It’s the most minimum complement you could give someone. It means that you haven’t enjoyed what they had to say and there was no spark otherwise you may say they were charming or charismatic or something a step up from being able to correctly put together nouns and adjectives. It would be like if I said I went to a new restaurant in town and I said “they cooked well”… it would be damning in faint praise. But, if “articulate” floats your boat I say power to you, my friend … but it wouldn’t give give me a stirring in my loins.

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